Tuesday, 09 February 2016

20 is plenty in bid to slow down motorists in Haverigg

THE centre of Haverigg is to become a 20mph zone, in a bid to tackle speeding motorists near a primary school.

Following public consultation, Cumbria County Council has proposed introducing a 20mph speed limit throughout Haverigg, including the entire lengths of Floyd Street, Wilson Avenue, Atkinson Street, Town Head, Willowside Park, Sea View, Bankfield Road, Silverdale Road and Richmond Gardens.

A 660m stretch of Main Street, from its junction with Poolside, and a 380m section of Poolside will also become 20mph.

The speed limit change was first touted in the summer, in a bid to tackle the village’s longstanding problem with speeding motorists, particularly in Main Street.

Liz Fincham, Haverigg Primary School’s deputy head teacher and year six teacher, said: “Last year’s year six children were involved with gathering ideas for Copeland Borough Council’s traffic team.

“They worked with them to look at 20mph sign placings in the village. Three pupils gave a presentation to the county council, about the need for the speed limit and what the dangers were.

“The new 20mph speed limit is hugely pleasing. The children are very aware of road safety and the dangers traffic poses them.”

Meanwhile, residents fear the ‘fatal’ consequences of an increase in traffic around the newly built Lighthouse Centre, in Atkinson Street.

In a letter to Millom Town Council, one resident said: “My concern is that there is going to be a serious accident or even a death. The volume of traffic using this street at present is growing, with parents and taxis dropping children off at school, and teachers and delivery wagons using it.

“Many of these are driving too fast for the confined conditions of the street.

“Not only this, but the problem is being confounded by the narrow street being used for parking by teachers and visitors to the new establishment.”

In response, Haverigg Councillor Doug Wilson said: “I’m not surprised there is an increase in traffic because there is a public building there now, whereas before there wasn’t.

“I don’t think it’s primary school teaching staff (causing the parking problem), as they’re required to park in the play ground, not the street.

“There has, on occasion, been a need to talk to drivers who drive too fast.”

“People should be aware of their responsibilities.”

Councillor Audrey Gabbert defended some of the Lighthouse Centre’s visitors parking close to the facility.

She said: “There’s a lot of elderly people that go to the Lighthouse Centre, who can’t walk very far.

“That’s why they park close to the area.”

While welcoming the new 20mph proposals, councillors called for a police presence in the area, to further deter speeding motorists.

Councillor Ray Cole said: “The 20mph zone will be beneficial to that area.

“Why people have to drive at excessive speeds near a school is beyond me.”

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