Sunday, 07 February 2016

Club to tackle food crisis

A FREE breakfast club is being launched in a bid to tackle Millom’s food poverty problem.

With tales of people choosing to heat their homes over eating, and others contemplating shoplifting in times of hardship, community leaders are coming together to tackle Millom’s food crisis.

A Millom foodbank volunteering event is set to take place on January 8, from 6pm.

Organisers are encouraging members of the public to come along to the Millom Methodist Church event and help tackle the problem.

In the meantime, a free buffet-style breakfast club has been set up in the town, in a bid to stop people going hungry.

The breakfast club was originally set up for parents taking their children to Millom Community Church’s Little Stars Toddler’s Group.

But church leader, Pastor Fred McKeown, has decided to open it up to the whole community, as well as scrapping the charge.

He said: “We’re turning it into a free buffet breakfast.

“We feel it’s important that people, in times of need, have somewhere to come and get a meal. We started the breakfast club because there was a need for it for the mums and toddlers.

“Then we realised that some of the people coming along couldn’t afford the £1, so we would give them it for free.

“Instead of embarrassing people by letting them have it for free, we’ve decided to scrap the charge for everyone.

“Hopefully now no-one can say they are going all week without a meal because they’ve got a free breakfast here.”

A Millom man, who has fallen on hard times, is a regular user of the breakfast club in its current guise.

The man, who did not wish to be named, said: “I know a lot of guys that are really struggling to feed themselves.

“I’ve heard people saying it’s a choice between paying their electricity bill or eating. And others genuinely asking if shoplifting is an option.’’

The new breakfast club will start up on January 10, at Millom Network Centre, from 9am to 10am.


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