Thursday, 11 February 2016

Dead cat's ghost "tells" Millom author to pen novel

A VISIT from beyond the grave has inspired an aspiring author to pen her debut novel.

Stephanie Sorrell, of Grammerscroft, Millom, wrote The Therapist’s Cat, after a ‘supernatural experience’ involving her deceased cat – Moo.

Ms Sorrell, a self-confessed animal lover, was travelling to work on the train from Millom to Barrow when she claims to have experienced a strange presence.

She said: “It might sound odd but I was going to work when I became very aware of Moo.

“I believe in continuity of life.

“She seemed to be asking me to write something for her.

“I tried to push it away – I was working 11 hour shifts at the time and I didn’t have time to do that but she was very persistent.

“As the train moved it was like she was saying ‘The Therapist’s Cat’.”

The story is a moral tale about the treatment of animals with a supernatural twist.

The novel tells the tale of psychotherapist Pete Shepherd who is presented with a kitten by his new girlfriend.

Mr Shepherd, who is not a feline fan, is about to take the cat to an animal rescue centre when he suddenly discovers Moo the cat can talk.

The 55-year-old has previously written books on spirituality and also published a series of short romantic stories as well as being a trained spinal touch therapist.

Ms Sorrell, a former clinical support worker, will travel to Houston, USA, next month as part of a book signing tour and hopes to set up an event inMillom.

Ms Sorrell said she’s now eager to write a sequel.

She said: “The book took around a year to write.

“It ends in a place where there could be another book and I’d like to write one.”

The Therapist’s Cat is available now published by Soul Rocks.

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I cant believe this has happened to someone else! Around a year ago i had a similar experience with my 2 dead goldfish called Sharky + George. In the middle of the night they came to me pouting what seemed to be my nickname Pies. Little did i realise they were trying to tell me directions to an ancient treasure which i recently found on a excavation dig in west cumbria. I think i could possibly write a book on my supernatural experience ?

Posted by Scott Fisher on 2 February 2012 at 09:48

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