Thursday, 11 February 2016

Disabled Millom man’s Christmas saved after thieves strike

KIND-HEARTED police officers helped to save Christmas after thieves stole a disabled man’s shopping.

On December 20, Ian Tweedley had been shopping to prepare for his Christmas dinner in Millom’s Tesco store, in Lancashire Road.

As he loaded his shopping bags into his customised trike-style motorcycle, thieves swooped and stole a rucksack laden with vegetables and festive treats.

When Mr Tweedley returned to his Earl Street home the 52-year-old contacted police to report the theft, expecting this would be the last he heard.

However, within hours the officers had returned with replacement groceries, saving Mr Tweedley’s Christmas.

He said: “It was really surprising – totally unexpected.

“It was really good of them, above and beyond the call of duty.

“I had cabbages, Brussels sprouts, biscuits and all sorts in my bags.

“I just thought why me, why pick on me – I am disabled. Is this the society we live in nowadays?”

Mr Tweedley, who was left with serious injuries after a motorcycle accident while on holiday in France 20 years ago, said he was contemplating a miserable Christmas until the police who spoke to him returned hours later with replacement shopping.

He added: “I was really surprised.

“I’d really like to say thank you to the officers for doing this.

“It was really helpful – it picked me right back up before Christmas.”

Gary Jackson, a friend of Mr Tweedley and chairman of the South Copeland Disability Association, applauded the actions of the police officers.

He said: “It’s disturbing for anyone to have their shopping stolen but when you are on a limited income, and disabled, the theft of your shopping is even more distressing.

“I understand that Ian had put his shopping in a rucksack near his trike and in the few minutes that it took him to take the trolley back someone had swiped the bag.

“It’s sad that times are so tight that people are having to steal groceries at Christmas, but the police officers’ kind act helps you keep faith with humanity.”

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How low can you stoop....congratulations to the officers who replaced the shopping, good on you guys.
To take anything that`s not yours, and from a disabled person,DISGUSTING, but the majority of Millom folk are not like this.

Posted by noel moore on 31 December 2012 at 08:37

Last christmas in Barrow the Police were extremely helpful to me too. They went beyond the call of duty to help me and I was really grateful.

Posted by Jane on 30 December 2012 at 23:38

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