Saturday, 13 February 2016

‘Help give our daughter a chance to play outside’ - Millom parents

MILLOM mum Lisa Penrith is hoping the community will support her family’s bid to give her disabled daughter a place to play outdoors.

Two-year-old Natasha was born with E.coli, septicaemia and meningitis. Bleeding and fluid on the brain resulted in brain damage and she was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Her parents are waiting to discover if she will ever learn to walk and talk properly.

In the meantime, they are raising money for sensory toys and a safe outdoor play area at their Grammerscroft home.

Mrs Penrith said: “The sensory equipment seems to really stimulate her. She’s like a different child when she’s at the sensory room at Millom Children’s Centre. She seems to come to life.

“It’s been a learning curve since she was born. We’re still learning, week by week, day by day.”

Natasha and her twin sister Shania were born five weeks early at Furness General Hospital in Barrow and both were treated in the Special Care Baby Unit, before Natasha was moved to the neonatal unit at Royal Preston Hospital.

Mrs Penrith said: “When Natasha was born, she wasn’t breathing. It took 18 minutes for them to get her to start breathing on her own.

“They worked for 11 hours to stabilise her before she was taken to Preston. The staff at FGH were absolutely brilliant. They stayed with her the whole time.”

Natasha spent four weeks in Preston before she was allowed to go home.

At one point the Penriths were having to balance their time between Natasha in Preston, Shania, who was still in the Special Care Baby Unit at FGH, and their three other children, Siobhan, James and Connor, who were at home.

Natasha is diplegic, meaning she has a weakness in her lower limbs.

The Penriths are holding a stork sale and coffee morning on February 24 at Millom Guide Hall, off St George’s Road, from 2pm to 4pm.

Ten per cent of whatever they raise will be donated to the Special Care Baby Unit at FGH, with Mrs Penrith adding: “Without them we wouldn’t have Natasha”.


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