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Fosters Beer Advert: A Truly Good Call

Fosters Beer Advert: A Truly Good Call

Advertising Feature. Every now and then we see some pretty unforgettable adverts pop up on our television screens; the kind that make us laugh and stay on our minds long after their air time has concluded. The new Good Call Fosters beer advert campaign is a great example of a truly successful advertising campaign.

Fosters, the Australian brewing company, has always been keen to push the envelope in all of its advertising efforts. It has been its tradition to raise the bar high for each and every one of its campaigns, which has lead to a very strong presence of the brand.

Since being imported to the UK in the 70s, the famous blue and gold cans have been prominent on the shelves of supermarkets throughout the country and barrels of the amber nectar have been rolling into pubs at rapid speed.

Fosters brought forward the Good Call campaign in July this year and it has gained positive reception from the British public. In fact, chances are that if you have eyes and ears, you have seen and heard about the two young characters from Australia named Brad and Dan that star in these ads.

These two laid-back, care-free and funny lads are the glue that hold this campaign together and are essentially what has made it so well received. In each Fosters TV advert for this current campaign, Brad and Dan are situated in a beach hut where they take calls from some Brits who need an extra bit of advice to sort out some sticky situations and to answer some tricky questions.

While advice is dispensed in these brief ads, don’t be under the impression that it’s serious! Brad and Dan represent an Australian way of thinking and they offer the same cheery ‘no worries’ kind of advice to each of their callers.

This can be seen in the first advert for this popular campaign that came out earlier this year in the summer when it launched across Britain. It features a worried young man named Ben calling in to ask if his girlfriend is going to end up looking like her mum. Brad and Dan suggest that he just relax and “enjoy the now”.

The next Fosters TV ad brought to the fore features a man called Ben who dials Brad and Dan in their beach hut from the bar. His conflict? His brother has brought a mate to the bar that stands too close when he talks. Brad and Dan have categorically labelled this annoying mate a 'space invader'. The two Aussies suggest that the way to get this "leaner" out of Ben’s face is to shout when speaking to him.

The latest installment of this popular advertising campaign can be seen in the newest good call commercial that was released in September. In this particular slot, Craig calls and asks if it’s a good idea to get his girlfriend’s name tattooed on him. Brad and Dan suggest that rather than getting her full name of Trudy Holloway inked on his skin that he use her nickname of Peanut.

Fosters has taken full advantage of the success of its Good Call campaign and has made sure to make every effort to make it as fully comprehensive and engaging as possible. Aside from releasing new commercials for the TV, the brewer has pulled a bevy of integrated marketing techniques.

For starters, the world of Brad and Dan is easily accessible with an Internet connection. You’ll find that when you visit the Fosters website, it has been totally redesigned with Brad and Dan in mind. Furthermore, fans can follow the boys on Twitter and even ask for advice on their Facebook page. This has been a very wise strategic move for the brewers as it has allowed viewers to make even stronger connections and attachments to the already popular duo.

Another interesting element comes to play in Fosters’ approach to bring this campaign to the streets. The creative firms Mediavest and Kinetic were hired to create something that would have the British public further engrossed into the world of Brad and Dan, and they worked hard on a bus shelter transformation campaign to make this happen. Essentially, bus shelters in large cities in the UK were altered to appear like the beach hut seen in the popular TV ads. In these huts, there were interactive games in which those waiting for the bus could provide the answer to some of the kinds of questions that Brad and Dan have to deal with.

With so much buzz surrounding Brad and Dan and such a strong response from consumers across Britain, it should be interesting to see what will come next of this lot and how Fosters will work hard to keep everyone who’s watching on their toes.

Fosters has allowed TV audiences to get excited to see what they will whip out next, and judging by the content of the newest ad released in September, any future clips can only be expected to be even funnier than those already on the air.

What makes this campaign so very strong is the fact that while it is promoting an alcoholic beverage, you do not need to be a big beer drinker to recognise the humour displayed in these short little clips. Everybody enjoys a good laugh, and Fosters has always been well aware of this. In fact, this can be seen in many of the Australian beer company’s past advertisement campaigns as well.

Overall, this fully comprehensive campaign has been very much a great success for Fosters, and as the brand continues to offer more commercials as well as more Web features and pop-up displays on the streets, it seems as though this success will only continue to grow.

For now, the British public will just have to sit tight and wait to see just what kind of advice Brad and Dan will dispense to their next needy caller.

ralian beer company’s past advertisement campaigns as well.

Overall, this fully comprehensive campaign has been very much a great success for Fosters, and as the brand continues to offer


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