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The Friends of Millom Park will be holding their next Meeting on Thursday 20th January 2011 at 2.00pm in Millom Council Chamber. Everyone is welcome to attend and find out what our plans are or to have a positive input into the future of Millom Park.

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Planting bulbs in Millom Park


Chairman: Joan Hobbs, 110 Main Street, Haverigg, Millom,  Cumbria, LA18 4EY, Tel: 01229 774420, 
Treasurer: Paul Carney,  9 St. George’s Terrace, Millom,  Cumbria, LA18 4DB, Tel: 01229 773260, 
Secretary: Brian Crawford,  16 Lancashire Road, Millom, Cumbria, LA18 4AW,  Tel: 01229 777648

Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting of the Friends of Millom Park, held on Tuesday 29th September at 2.30pm In Millom Council Chamber, St. George’s Road, Millom, Cumbria

1. The Millom Mayor, Cllr Joan Hobbs opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.
Present: Cllr Joan Hobbs, Cllr Brian Crawford, Cllr Irene Ashburner, Toni Magean (CBC), Russell Maddams (CBC), Derek Morris (CBC), David Ward (Millom Bowling Club), Paul Carney, Lorraine Athersmith, Pam Callow, Linda Collis, Steve Lawrence, Christine Lawrence and a representative of Millom Police, PSCO Paul Sullivan.
2. The Millom Mayor, Cllr Joan Hobbs made a formal proposal to those present that a “Friends of Millom Park Group” be formed.
(Seconded by: David Ward – all accepted)
3. All would be members of the FOMP completed a FOMP Membership Form
4. The Millom Mayor, Cllr Joan Hobbs, proposed that a draft Constitution for the FOMP be accepted.
(Seconded by: Lorraine Athersmith – all accepted)
5. The Millom Mayor, Cllr Joan Hobbs, proposed that a FOMP Management Committee be formed in compliance of the new Constitution.
(Seconded by: Paul Carney – all accepted)
6. Election of Committee:
a. Chairman: Joan Hobbs,         PROPOSED BY David Ward,       SECONDED BY  Paul Carney                                                                   
b. Secretary:  Brian Crawford,    PROPOSED BY David Ward,        SECONDED BY Steve Lawrence                                            
c. Treasurer:  Paul Carney,         PROPOSED BY David Ward,       SECONDED BY Lorraine Athersmith                                  
d. Committee Irene Ashburner, PROPOSED BY Brian Crawford, SECONDED BY Paul Carney                                                       
    Committee: Lorraine Athersmith 
    Committee: Pam Callow  
    Committee: Linda Collis 
    Committee: Steve Lawrence 
    Committee: Christine Lawrence 
    Committee:  Dave Ward 
(All Committee nominations accepted)
7. The Chairman proposed that FOMP open a community group bank account with NatWest.
(There shall be any two out of three signatories from the three principal officers as per the Constitution))
(Seconded by: Pam Callow – all accepted)
8. The Chairman proposed that once a bank account is established formal applications for initial funding be made to Millom Council, CGP and the Millom Neighbourhood Forum – all accepted.
9. Establishment of the Friends of Millom Park Web Site – to be left with the Secretary to develop.
10. The Launch of Millom Park Watch – Toni Magean (CBC) introduced this scheme. He said it was similar to the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, working with the police to reduce anti-social behaviour. Signs would be placed in the Park giving a contact number and local residents would be visited to contribute to the scheme. A log would be kept and a data base compiled to keep records of problems. A public launch is planned together with appropriate leaflets.
11. Millom Park Public Information Leaflet – Toni Magean (CBC) introduced a discussion on this item saying it was up to the FOMP to design it and he would get copies printed. It would be a Millom Park promotional leaflet to also include a location map.
12. Financial Grant – Toni Magean (CBC) stated that to support the establishment of the FOMP he would arrange for us to have a start-up grant of £500 once the account is set up. The Committee wished to express thanks to Toni and CBC for this generous support.
13. Any Other Business:
a. Toni Magean (CBC) stated that as Millom Council owns Millom Park, it is understood that CBC will continue to maintain it.
b. Toni Magean (CBC) stated that there is an issue of the Millom cemetery becoming full with no new space for future burials. There may be a possibility of the use of a small part of Millom Park for this in the future – to be considered.
c. Toni Magean (CBC) stated that Russell Maddams (CBC) had a supply of spring bulbs that could be planed in Millom Park. It was decided to put this item on the Agenda for the first meeting of the FOMP Committee.
d. Toni Magean (CBC) led a brief discussion on the merits and status of Millom Park attaining a Green Flag. This will be applied for as part of future Five and Ten Year Management Plans.
14. Date, time and venue of the first Committee meeting was agreed to be on Tuesday the 20th October at 2.30pm in the Council Chamber. The date time and venue for first full Group meeting will be arranged at the first Committee meeting.
There being no further business the meeting closed at 4.30 pm

Brian Crawford: Secretary FOMP

(Note: Membership of the Friends of Millom Park group is free and is open to any community group or individual with an interest in furthering the aims of the Group.)

Friends of Millom Park exists to improve the green space known as Millom Park and its environment, including the Park’s associated facilities, for the benefit of the inhabitants of Millom and surrounding area


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