Saturday, 06 February 2016



This Memorandum of Understanding made between Bootle Parish Council, Millom Town Council, Millom Without Parish Council, Ulpha Parish Meeting, Waberthwaite  Parish Council and Whicham Parish Council (“hereinafter called the Councils”)

1. It is not intended to create any legal relationship between the parties hereto or for this document to have any legal effect whatever.
2. Any of the parties hereto may withdraw from this Memorandum of Understanding with immediate effect by giving written notice in writing to all of the other parties hereto.
3. The Councils are desirous of working together and sharing information in order to carry out their functions more effectively.
4. Each parish council may by resolution appoint two of its members and the Ulpha Parish Meeting may appoint two members of their local community who will together with the other appointed members constitute a committee
(“hereinafter called the committee”) which shall be known as the South Copeland Partnership.
5. The Committee shall have power to co-opt such other committee members as it thinks fit in order to carry out the functions of the Committee as hereinafter mentioned. Any such appointment must be in writing.
6. The function of the Committee shall be:
(i) To identify common strategic interests where the Councils may with advantage be able to act together in an effective way and to make recommendations as to how this can be achieved
(ii) To identify specific interests relating to the activities of one or more Councils where help or information from the other Councils may be helpful
(iii) To encourage each Council to prepare a Parish Plan if it has not already done so and to consider the possibility of a Joint Community Plan covering the area of all the Councils
(iv) To provide to the Councils information and advice about any funding or grant aid which may be available for any of the above matters
(v) To provide any other information or make recommendations to the Councils in furtherance of any of the above objectives
(vi) To make any other recommendations to promote co-operation and joint action between the Councils
(vii) To effect changes within South Copeland to assist in the achievement of the West Cumbria Strategic Partnership’s Sustainable Communities Strategy (Future Generation).
7. The Committee shall have no power to bind or commit the Councils or any of them.
8. The Committee shall have power to regulate its own procedures including
(i) The power to appoint a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer
(ii) The power to establish its voting procedure
PROVIDE ALWAYS that no resolutions or decisions of the Committee shall be transacted unless at least 5 representatives appointed under Clause 4 hereof are present at the meeting.
9. The Committee shall make a budget of the anticipated running costs of the Committee including secretarial expenses and the renting of a meeting room. Such budget shall be submitted to each of the Councils for approval and the Councils shall each make such contribution as may be agreed between them.
10. Minutes of every meeting of the Committee shall be kept and copies thereof shall be sent to each Council once the Chairman has signed the minutes as a true record.


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