Saturday, 06 February 2016

Keswick to Barrow 2012 - New Millom club gets chance to spring into action

WHEN Millom Recreation Centre decided to set up a gymnastics club for the first time in 10 years, the team were expecting a positive response.

NEW CLUB: Tracy Kirk of Millom Recreation Centre HARRY ATKINSON REF: 50033706B003

But they had not anticipated just how popular their sessions would be with Millom youngsters.

Since September more 120 children have enrolled.

A small group are already in training for their first gymnastics competition which is being held in Barrow on February 10.

But despite the children’s enthusiasm, the club’s old fashioned equipment is hindering their progress.

Centre manager and gymnastics coach, Tracy Kirk explained: “When we decided to set up a gymnastics club, a Penrith gym kindly donated some of their old floor mats.

“However, they are past their sell by date and not really up to the job.

“As the sessions take place in a busy sports centre, we are often having to get the mats out and put them away quickly, so we need some mats that are easily lifted and stored.”

The centre has requested funding from the Keswick to Barrow Walk for a set of Track 2000 mats.

They are lightweight, and made from foam.

Tracy said: “We have bought a couple of Track 2000 mats already but they are £800 each and we need at least six to cover the floor area.

“Receiving a donation from the Keswick to Barrow means that we can carry on running our gymnastics classes at a high standard and help to keep children in Millom active.

“It has been 10 years since Millom has had a gymnastics club and we want to do it properly.”


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