Saturday, 13 February 2016

Little workshop of horrors

SCHOOL pupils have been building incredible puppet creations to star in their annual production.

Millom School students spent a week making the amazing human-sized puppets for use in their next show, The Little Shop of Horrors.

The musical tells the story of a clumsy young florist who nurtures a plant – only to discover that it is a blood-thirsty man-eater. The tale calls for a number of puppets to be built of the plant, showing how it quickly grows out of control.

Mike Vogler, Millom School’s head of performing arts, said: “We could have rented the costumes but I thought, here’s a better idea, why don’t we use that money to make the puppets?

“Now we’ve got them for life and we can help other schools and local theatre groups in the area out if they ever need props like these, so there’s a real community link there.”

Mr Vogler enlisted the help of Lancaster artist Vanessa Card to help the pupils with their creations.

Together, they made three puppets showing the plant at its different sizes, right up to the massive monster that will need around 10 students to work it on stage. Ms Card said her role in building them was completely practical, while the creative side was left to the pupils.

She said: “The students own them. I didn’t come in with anything other than the materials, I wanted the ideas to come from them. I used my expertise in terms of which materials we should use but the designs came entirely from them, I wanted them to experiment.”

Ms Card praised the way the pupils took to their task.

She said: “They were really lovely pupils and they worked so hard.

“They’ve all been bringing their friends in to see the puppets, which is really nice to see how proud they are of them.”

Mr Vogler said he was delighted with the final products, which are due to be used in a run of the show in March next year.

He said: “The students thoroughly enjoyed the puppet-making and they now have skills they can use in future projects for school.”

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