Sunday, 07 February 2016

Millom brewer tackles challenge to make anniversary beer

THE hard-tackling lads of Millom Rugby League Club are used to enjoying a well-earned pint after a game.

SPECIAL BREW: Millom brewery owner Dave Bailey with Hardknott Brewery’s limited edition Millom 1873 ale brewed specially for Millom Rugby League Club’s 140th anniversary IAN DUNSTAN REF: 50043177B001

But soon they will be able to knock down a special brew created to celebrate the Woolybacks’ 140th anniversary.

Millom-based Hardknott Brewery was tasked with making the ale, something owner Dave Bailey was only too happy to do.

He said: “There are many things that help bond the community of our characterful town, but one of the most prominent is rugby.

“It is quite common to be enjoying a pint in the local and to hear enthusiastic discussion regarding the game in some way or other.

“Millom Rugby League Club asked us to brew a special beer for their 140th anniversary and we are delighted to be able to put something back into the town that has welcomed our brewery with such enthusiasm.”

Mr Bailey said the Millom 1873 brew will be a blond ale that is a “very drinkable” 3.9 per cent.

The beer will be available for the first time at the 2013 Challenge Cup second round draw, on January 18, which is to be held at the Millom RL clubhouse, in Devonshire Road.

Workington Town ace, Millomite Peter Lupton, will draw the balls alongside Millom club stalwart Gary Kelly.

Mr Kelly, club treasurer, said it was an honour for both him and the club to be given the draw, as well as have a beer named after the team.

He said: “We’re celebrating our 140th year and we’ve got a number of events going on throughout, so I’m sure it’ll be a popular drink.

“Real ale seems to be a growing trend with a lot of pubs doing quite well with it.

“And there are quite a number of our members that like a real ale.

“It’s a great thing for the club to have a beer named after it. “We’re very appreciative to Dave for doing it and I hope it’s a success for both him and us.”


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