Monday, 08 February 2016

Millom woman committed suicide three years after her partner

A 38-year-old woman killed herself only three years after a former partner also committed suicide, an inquest heard.

Isha Jessica Johnstone had also been upset that her son, Stuart, had left home the previous week following a disagreement.

It was her son who returned to find his mother dead in bed following an overdose at her home in Grammerscroft, Millom.

She was only formally identified using dental records, it was stated at the inquest in Millom yesterday.

Dr Mary Jenkins, consultant pathologist at Cumberland Infirmary, said the deceased had a history of depression.

She said the cause of death was consistent with a fatal overdose of tablets taken to combat the illness.

Dr Richard Walker, of Millom, said the deceased had taken overdoses in 1997, 2002 and 2005 and in 2006 her partner had committed suicide.

He said: “She had strong emotions about the loss at the time, and underwent counselling.”

Dr Walker added that Ms Johnstone also suffered from a chronic back problem.

Mrs Tanya Bickerstaff, a Millom dental nurse, said her sister had worked in Animal Rescue and had a passion for cats.

But she added: “She was unlucky and never seemed to find good relationships.

“Two or three years before her partner killed himself and she never came to terms with it.”

The deceased’s son, Mr Stuart Johnstone, a 19-year-old hotel worker, said he had been ‘stupid’ and run away from home at the time.

He said he had stayed with his dad in Ulverston for five days before returning to find his mother lying dead in bed.

Mr David Roberts, coroner for West Cumbria, said the son had ignored a text from his mother but then had received no reply when he tried to text her over the next few days.

He added: “She had taken too many tablets on previous occasions of stress and a number of notes left at the house are quite explicit.”

The Coroner ruled the deceased had killed herself.

He passed on his condolences to the family.


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