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Passengers back extra rail service connecting Millom to Barrow and Carlisle

IMPROVED train services connecting Millom to Barrow and Carlisle have been welcomed.

Service provider Northern Rail has added an additional train to its Monday to Friday schedule from Carlisle to Lancaster, as well as doubling the carriage capacity for some Saturday journeys on the Cumbrian Coastal Route.

Community Rail Partnership officer for Cumbria Coastal Line, Laurence Hilland, said the additional services would open up new avenues to Millom commuters.

He said: “You’ve got your early afternoon shoppers coming down to Barrow, people going to see their relatives, and so on.

“It’s a very positive move and it fills the gap because, on the existing timetable, there is quite a large gap.

“If anyone on a Friday afternoon is going down to London or somewhere, it gives them another alternative time to do that.

“It gives us extra capacity and gives the travelling public that extra service they deserve.”

Mr Hilland said negotiations to allow passengers on the once empty journey from Whitehaven to Barrow had been ongoing for “some time”.

He said: “At present, the train travels down the line but it’s just a stock movement – it has to connect with Barrow.

“But now it becomes a public train. It still performs the same function but now people can get on and off it.”

Wendy Bracegirdle, chairwoman of South Copeland Tourism, welcomed the additional trains, but said more needed to be done to address the lack of public transport available to Millom residents.

Mrs Bracegirdle said: “Any increase in the service is always welcome. It plugs a gap in the time table.

“Never the less, there’s still significant limitations to the service we’re getting.

“There’s nothing to address the lack of service between Millom and Whitehaven during the evening.

“The last opportunity to go north from Millom by train is still the 17.58 service.”

She said the evening economy in South Copeland was not realising its full potential due to the lack of public transport links while no train services have operated in Millom for a number of years.

Starting on December 10, the additional Monday to Friday train will call at Millom at 1.42pm, while as of December 15, six journeys, from early morning through to 12.54pm, will have two carriages instead of one.

Lee Wasnidge, area director for Northern Rail, said: “We’re thrilled to introduce improvements to services for our passengers in Cumbria in our December timetable.

“With more and more people choosing to travel by train, it’s important to be able to offer these developments to our customers and the 11.50am Carlisle – Lancaster service is one such result of this.”

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What a farce ! this train already runs, its just that now its once again allowed to carry passengers, just like it used to do.
And as for EXTRA CARRIAGES, ??? Surely that would be slightly more intelligent instead of putting them on virtually empty services to put extra's on the already overcrowded services, ie the Ex Barrow 06.00 and 06.50 northbound and southbound Ex Sellafield 15.54 nad 16.42
Yes you know those 4 trains a day that are so packed and crowded that you will be lucky to get a seat by Millom. We daily passengers would still like to know the name of the Brainless Moron who made the decision to shorten one of these services from 3 carriages to just two ? We suspect he lives in the 'Control' office in York and still believes that the West Cumbria Line is located on the Island of Sodor.!

Posted by Sam on 30 November 2012 at 12:56

How about giving us a late night train that allows us to stay out in Barrow after 9.30pm!

Posted by Sue on 29 November 2012 at 20:02

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