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Tuesday, 28 July 2015



Monday August 6

A mixed selection with well flushed handy weight bulls; a very sound trade. The sale was topped by a run of 11 Limousin cross and Blonde cross bulls from Messrs Carruthers, Glenzierfoot, which sold to 217.5p and averaged 206.90p (£1127.85). Heavy bulls sold to £1717 for Limousin cross from Messrs Hewetson, Scales Hall.

A very useful entry of cattle sold exceptionally well to a top of 231.5p for British Blue cross heifer from Brian Hall, Ainstable Hall purchased by Bill Howard. Steers sold to 223.5p for a British Blue cross from Messrs Dodd, West View purchased by Pioneer Foods. Top price of £1672 was paid for an outstanding Simmental bullock from Messrs Harrington, Hosket Hill which scaled 806kg and made 207.5p and purchased by Pioneer Foods.

A smaller show of lambs were forward with many showing the weather and proving harder to cash; well finished lambs however still remained good to sell. Top price was £104.80 for a Suffolk from M/s Soulsby, Williamsgill purchased by Robert Skelton. Top price per kilo was 232.8p for a Beltex from M/s Thornborrow, Newbiggin Hall Farm purchased by Mr A Dawson.

Ewes topped at £118.50 for Texels from M/s Robinson, Burmoor.


PRIME BULLS – p/kg - British Blonde cross 217.5p Glenzierfoot; Limousin cross 216.5p (x2) Glenzierfoot; Black & White 177.5p Wragmire Bank. p/head - Limousin cross £1717 Scales Hall; Black & White £1197 Wragmire Bank.

PRIME BULLOCKS – p/kg - British Blue cross 223.5p West View; Limousin cross 222.5p West View; Simmental cross 207.5p Hosket Hill. p/head - Simmental £1672 Hosket Hill; Limousin £1616 Hosket Hill; Bazadaise £1507 Gelt Hall; British Blue cross £1441 Hosket Hill.

PRIME HEIFERS – p/kg - British Blue cross 231.5p Ainstable Hall; Bazadaise 215.5p Church Farm; Limousin 204.5p Stainburn House. Bazadaise £1437 Church Farm; Charolais £1384 West Wharmley; Limousin £1296 Stainburn House; British Blue £1240 Ainstable Hall.

PRIME SHEEP – p/head - Suffolk £104.80 Williamsgill Farm; Texel £95.80 Moss Side House, £95.80 Cardew Hall Farm; Dutch Texel £94.80 (x2) Hargill House; Beltex £90.80 Nebiggin Hall Farm; Charollais £85.30 Homilton; Bleu Du Maine £77.80 High House; Millennium Bleu £76.30 Kilnclose Farm; Lleyn £75 Howburn; Greyfaced £72.80 Thirlwall Castle; Hampshire £72.80 Burnriggs.

p/kg - Beltex 232.80p Newbiggin Hall Farm; Dutch Texel 231.20p Hargill House; Texel 219p Chalk Lodge Farm; Bleu Du Maine 199.50p High House; Suffolk 192.10p Temple Sowerby; Charollais 186.70p Homilton; Hampshire 177.60p Burnriggs; Greyfaced 175.40p Thirlwall Castle.

EWES – Texel £118.50 Burmoor; Suffolk £109.50 Yew Tree Farm; Leicester £85.50 Howburn; Cheviot Mule £74.50 Borrans Hill; Bluefaced Leicester £73.50 Yew Tree Farm; Greyfaced £72.50 Mealrigg House Farm.


Wednesday August 8

TOTAL FORWARD 83 prime cattle and 2,437 prime sheep and cast ewes

Cattle again met fast bidding for all classes. Len Skelton, Low House Farm’s run of heifers averaged 232.63p/kg, topping at 265.5p/kg (£1,406.93) to Alex Riley. Brian Whitfield, Stowbank’s run of heifers topped at 229.5p/kg to Mark Lindsay and John Bowe, Hunday’s heifers up to 229.5p/kg also to Mark Lindsay.

Bulls saw another flyer selling to 226.5p/kg for a Limousin from Robert Wilson, Lamplugh Hall, and Black and Whites to 180.5p/kg from John Pattinson, Uldale Hall.

Prime lambs were much sharper to average 203.16p/kg. Top price p/head was £110 for Texel lambs from Paul and Joyce Stamper, Rose Farm, Broughton to Tony Harrison. Top price p/kg was 227.60 pence for a pen of 30 Texel lambs from John Langcake, Sandhills purchased by Robin Vevers.


PRIME HEIFERS – Limousin 236.5 Low House; British Blue 230.5 Low House; Blonde D’Aquitaine 230.5 Low House; Saler 229.5 Stowbank; Charolais 229.5 Hunday; Bazadaise 227.5 Hunday.

PRIME BULLS – Limousin 226.5 Lamplugh Hall; Blonde D’Aquitaine 218.5 Hartley Farming; Black & White 180.5 Uldale Hall.

PRIME LAMBS – p/head - Texel 110 Rose Farm; Berrichon 107 Kelmore Hills; Charollais 106 Row Brow; Dutch Texel 106 Parsonage; Rouge 106 East Farm; Zwartble 106 Hollins Farm; Mille Bleu 105 Home Farm (Parkin); Beltex 105 Bothel Craggs; Bleu D’Maine 103 Hunters Place; Suffolk 97.50 Clappers; Mule 81.50 Kelmore Hills.

p/kg - Texel 227 Sandhills; Berrichon 225 Hollins; Charollais 225 Frizington Hall; Beltex 220 Seathwaite; Rouge 217 Home Farm; Suffolk 206 Nr Branthwaite Edge; Mule 194 Kelmore Hills.

CAST EWES – Texel 118.50 Mayfield; Charollais 109.50 Dearham Hall Bungalow; Bluefaced Leicester 96.50 Swinside End; Cross 84.50 Moorside; Mule 81.50 Rose Farm (Stamper); Lleyn 74.50 Ullock Mains; Herdwick 74.50 Moorside; Suffolk 72.50 Violets Way; Swaledale 62.50 Muncaster Head.

RAMS – Texel 108.50 Mayfield.


Wednesday August 8

TOTAL FORWARD 33 Prime Cattle, 551 Prime Lambs, 247 Cast Ewes

Plainer show of prime cattle on offer, more grass cattle forward. Sale average 201.8p or (360.4p at 56% D/W)

The sudden spell of dry weather has meant a shortage of prime lambs through the ring, thus causing the price to rocket and the day’s average of 191.4p. Top price of 200p paid for Beltex X from Messrs Austin Hoggan, Maryholm. Top price p/head was £87 for Texel Crosses from Messrs TR & S Hyslop, West Lanegate.

Cast Ewes were slightly easier, over fat ewes are still harder to cash.

Prime Bulls – all Dairy Bred Trade steadier.


BULLOCKS – Charolais 215.5p Myroch; Limousin 212.5p Waterside. Top Gross Bullock £1372.23 Myroch.

HEIFERS – Limousin 209.5p Airdrie Farm; Charolais 206.5p Upper Tinwald. Top Gross Heifer £1321.60 Upper Tinwald.

BULLS – Holstein Friesian 151.5p Barnbarroch.

PRIME LAMBS – Standard lambs (32.1-39Kg) Top 197p ave 191.2p - Texel £76.80 Over Abington; Cross £70 Ballinnie. Medium Lambs (39.1-45.5Kg) Top 200p ave 192.1p - Suffolk £85 Lanarkland; Texel £87 West Lanegate; Charollais £80 Maryholm; Beltex £80 Maryholm; Cross £76 High Cairn. Heavy Lambs Texel £80 Bankhead of Tinwald.

CAST EWES – Texel £97.50 Martingirth; Cross £79.50 Nether Gribton; Lleyn £78.50 Laneside; Suffolk £76.50 Nether Gribton; Charollais £71.50 Maryholm; Blackface £68 Ballinnie.

Overall Heavy Ewe average £78.50: Overall Light Ewe average £56.50.


Monday August 6

TOTAL FORWARD 622 prime lambs

Prime lambs were easier on the week selling to average 179.4ppk. Heavy lambs sold to £101 for 49kg Beltex from Mr A Marchant of Clonhie Farm. The same home sold the reserve champion lambs from the recent Dumfries Show scaling 40kg at £100 or 250ppk.

More lambs are required with an abundance of buyers in attendance.


PRIME LAMBS – p/head - Beltex £101 Clonhie Farm; Texel £100 Clonhie Farm; Charollais £75 Clonhie Farm.

p/kg - Texel 250p Clonhie Farm; Beltex 209.3p Crawthat; Charollais 185p Clonhie Farm; Millenium Bleu 184.2p Castlemilk Estate; Suffolk 184.2p Castlemilk Estate.


Thursday August 2

TOTAL FORWARD 67 prime cattle, 10 young bulls, 3,386 prime lambs and 6,161 cast ewes & rams

Prime cattle were a good show of quality and met a sharp trade for handy weights. Top price was 223.5p, firstly for a Limousin heifer from CA Grieve & Son, Snab Farm and again for a Limousin bullock shown by A & WJ Taylor & Son, Dashwellgreen.

Young bulls were a good show of quality but more numbers are needed. Top price of 217.5p for a Limousin from Mr A Moffat, 6 Stonehouse.

A smaller show of Prime Lambs averaged 182.5p per kilo and saw trade sharper than most places in the middle of the week, due to a shortage of numbers and flesh. Top of 215p per kilo for Texels from Messrs Swanson, Hillhead.

A larger show of cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers with trade similar on the week.


BULLOCKS – p/kg - Limousin 223.5p Dashwell Green. p/head - Blonde d’Aquitaine £1,536 Becton Hall. Charolais £1,496 Becton Hall. Limousin £1,466 The Gill. British Blue £1,442 Sceughdyke.

HEIFERS – p/kg - Limousin 223.5p Snab Farm. Charolais 215.5p Hallburn. p/head - Limousin £1,396 Snab Farm. Charolais £1,259 Upper Mains.

BULLS – p/kg - Limousin 217.5p 6 Stonehouse. British Blue 213.5p Gardrum. Blonde d’Aquitaine 207.5p Oakwoodhill. p/head - British Blue £1,347 Gardrum. Limousin £1,300 Oakwoodhill.

LAMBS – Texel £115 Carran; Charollais £94.80 Kilnfordcroft; Suffolk £92.80 Sceughdyke; Cheviot Mule £79.80 Boreland; Greyface £77.80 East Cragside; Leicester £77.50 Kilnstown; Oxford £67.80 Guards; Half Bred £67.80 High Moat; Blackface £65 Whiteside.

RAMS – Leicester £139.50 Albierigg; Beltex £138.50 Crumhaugh Hill; Texel £138.50 Westloch, Severs and Draperstown; Charollais £126.50 Draperstown; Suffolk £126.50 Draperstown; Hill Cheviot £100.50 Dinley and Draperstown; North Country Cheviot £94.50 Olrig Mains; Blackface £90.50 Westloch; Vendeen £84.50 Beechgrove; Swaledale £80.50 Stackbraes.

HEAVY EWES – Texel £128.50 Severs; Suffolk £126.50 Beechgrove; Charollais £122.50 Roadside; Leicester £98.50 Stackbraes; North Country Cheviot £92.50 Bardnaclaven; Beltex £91.50 Nether Dargarvel; Greyface £89.50 Streethead and Pirntaton; Cheviot Mule £87.50 Stobo Home Farm and Todholes; Half Bred £72.50 Beckhall.

HILL EWES – Blackface £79.50 Meggethead; Cheviot £73.50 Hillhead; Jacob £73.50 Severs; Easycare £70.50 Kersheugh; Swaledale £62.50 Hayclose; Shetland £59.50 Hunthill; Kendal Rough £47.50 Stackbraes; Welsh Mountain £45.50 High Dovecote; Herdwick £44.50 Hayclose.

AVERAGES: Steers Light to 195.5p (181.7p); Medium 223.5p (205.0p); Heavy to 212.5p (194.7p). Heifers Light to 208.5p (179.0p); Medium to 220.5p (199.7p); Heavy to 223.5p (205.2p). Young bulls 217.5p (204.5p). Lambs Light to 206.3p (183.7p); Standard to 235.9p (182.6p); Medium to 279.1p (181.9p); Heavy to 225.0p (187.4p); O/weight to 214.0p (160.3p). Ewes Light to £79.50 (£50.10); Heavy to £128.50 (£76.29). Cast Rams £139.50 (£93.46)


Monday August 6

Topping the sale was £1570.78 for a wonderful British Blue bull from Messrs Pearson, Manor Farm been purchased by West Scottish Lamb.


PRIME BULLS – p/kg - British Blue 207.5 Manor Farm; Limousin 197.5 Hollins Farm; Simmental 193.5 Manor Farm; Charolais 190.5 Ratten Castle; Black and White 157.5, 155.5 Low Brow.

£/head - British Blue £1570.78 Manor Farm; Simmental £1424.16 Manor Farm; Blonde D’Aquitaine £1314.38 Hollins Farm; Limousin £1218.58 Hollins Farm; Charolais £1127.76 Ratten Castle.


Wednesday August 8

TOTAL FORWARD 2,715 Prime Sheep, comprising of 1,435 Prime Lambs, & 1,280 Cast Ewes & Rams.

Top price of the day was 250.0p/kg for a pen of Beltex lambs from Mr R Wilson, Scales Farm, purchased by Messrs A Wright & Son, Boston.

Top price p/head on the day was £100, firstly for a pair of Texel lambs from Mr WH Brass, Low Row, purchased by Messrs A Wright & Son, Boston. A single Continental Lamb from Messrs MS & RL Richardson, Field Gate shortly followed at the same price, also purchased by Messrs A Wright & Son.

Cast ewes & rams averaged £71.19 for all sold.


PRIME LAMBS – p/kg - Beltex 250.0 Scales Farm (Wilson); 233.0, 231.0 Sycamore Rise; 231.0 Field Gate. Texel 228.0, 227.0 (2), 224.0 Low Row. Suffolk 222.0 Ghyllside House; 215.0 Plumpton Old Hall; 213.0 Wickerslack. Rouge De L’Quest 215.0 Scales Farm (Wilson). Continental 208.0 Field Gate; 203.0 Walloway. Charollais 204.0 Plumpton Old Hall; 203.0 Ratten Castle; 200.0 Thorneycroft. Mule 187.0, 186.0 Howburn; 186.0 Hollins Farm. Swaledale 173.0 Howburn.

£/head - Continental £100 Field Gate; £92.50 Reagill Grange. Texel £100 Low Row; £99 Laypool; £98.50 (2) Reagill Grange; £98 Elm House. Suffolk £98.50 Reagill Grange; £96.50 Sleagill House; £94.50 Plumpton Old Hall; £94 Sleagill House. Beltex £98 (3), £97, £95.50 Sycamore Rise; £93.50 Scales Farm (Wilson). Charollais £95 Plumpton Old Hall; £87.50 Ratten Castle; £86 Thorneycroft. Rouge De L’Quest £93.50 Scales Farm (Wilson). Mule £78.50 High Howe; £78 Howburn.

CAST EWES – Texel (av £86.56) £115, £107.50 Haltcliffe Bridge; £110 Moyadam Park; £106 Nook Farm (Atkinson). Mule (av £73.10) £110, £107, £85 Waitby Farm; £82.50 Blands Farm; £82.50 Wreay Hall Farm. Continental (av £79.88) £105.50 Wreay Hall Farm; £102 Blands Farm (Powley); £101.50, £100 Sycamore Rise. Suffolk (av £90.12) £103 Plumpton Old Hall; £99.50, £97.50 Moyadam Park; £98 Haltcliffe Bridge. Rouge De L’Quest (av £100) £100 Inglewood Edge. Bluefaced Leicester (av £100) £100 Laypool. Cheviot Mule (av £85.00) £85 Plumpton Old Hall. Zwartble (av £84.00) £84 Skirsgill Close. Cheviot (av £69.96) £82.50, £81 Scales Farm (Wilson); £80.50 Inglewood Edge; £78.50 Wham Head Farm. Rough Fell (av £70.02) £81 Cotegill. Scotch (av £56.46) £75.50 Barkbeth. Goat (av £70.00) £70 Ballymena Road. Swaledale (av £50.44) £69 Kentmere Hall; £67 Cotegill; £61 Laypool; £60 Hollins Farm.

CAST RAMS – Texel (av £90.56) £136 Ling Cottage; £106.50 Wreay Hall Farm. Continental (av £118.00) £118 Street House (Maughan). Swaledale (av £54.50) £54.50 High Drybarrows.


Tuesday August 7

TOTAL FORWARD 148 cattle including 49 Bulls and 813 sheep including ewes.

Cattle remained a good trade although more cattle are required.

Top price of 230.5p p/kg for a Limousin Heifer shown by Messrs Bowe, Mechi Farm, Blennerhasset. Top price p/head for heifers was £1619.09 for a Limousin shown by J Dixon & Son, Lesson Hall, Wigton and purchased by RJ Harrison, Wigton.

Steers sold to a top of 220.5p p/kg for a Limousin, shown by JG & M Little, Greenhill Farm and purchased by M Wharton, Wigton. The top price of £1592.63 p/head was paid to DA Harrison, The Old Vicarage, Westnewton for a Limousin.

Top price of 233.5 p p/kg was paid for a Limousin Bull shown by Messrs Bowe, Mechi Farm, Blennerhasset. Bulls sold to £1677.02 paid to Messrs Lawson & Sons, Kirkland Green for a British Blue Bull.

OTM cattle sold to 176.5 per kg paid for a Friesian Bullock shown by W & ME Paisley & Sons, Micklethwaite Farm.

A smaller show of lambs were forward. Trade better than expected to average of 187.50 ppk. Top was £113 paid for Texels shown by R D Dixon, Lessonhall, Wigton and purchased by R J Harrison, Wigton. Top price was 260.00p paid for a Texel lamb from Messrs J Dixon, Lesson Hall, Wigton also purchased by R J Harrison.


HEIFERS – Limousin 230.5 Mechi Farm; Charolais 223.5 Whitelees; British Blue 204.5 Nealhouse Farm, 204.5 The Old Vicarage.

STEERS – Limousin 220.5 Greenhill Farm; Charolais 210.5 Town Head; British Blue 205.5 Crosby House; South Devon 182.5 New Cowper; Montbeliarde 169.5 Grange Farm (Birkett).

BULLS – Limousin 233.5 Mechi; British Blue 224.5 Kirkland Green; Blonde 193.5 Braithwaite Hall; Friesian 183.5 Auldby Farm; Holstein 177.5 Grassknop Farm; Aberdeen Angus 167.5 Red Dial Farm.

OVERAGE CATTLE – Friesian Steer 176.5 Micklethwaite Farm.

AVERAGES: Steers MW 220.5 (193.88); HW 218.5(196.50). Heifers MW 227.5 (200.68); HW 230.5 (202.06). Bulls LW 194.5(177.47); MW 228.5 (199.46); HW 233.5(192.94).

PRIME LAMBS – p/head - Texel £113 Lessonhall (R D Dixon); Beltex £108 Parkgate Hall; Dutch Texel £99 Aspatria Hall; Suffolk £96 Greenah Hall; Jacob £70.50 Cobble Croft.

p/kg - Texel 260.00 Lesson Hall (Dixon); Beltex 252.40 Parkgate Hall; Dutch Texel 235.70 Aspatria Hall; Suffolk 199.10 Greenah Hall; Jacob 167.90 Cobble Croft.

AVERAGES: SW 234.20 (187.40); MW 260.00 (187.29); HW 234.80 (193.38).

PRIME EWES – Texel £105 Lesson Hall (Dixon); Suffolk £90 Low Blaithwaite; Leicester £70 Belmont Farm; Mule £69 Beech Tree Farm.

RAMS – Suffolk £105 Wampool Farm.


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