Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Roaming Romans bring Millom history lessons to life

BUILDING roads and firing catapults – not your average classroom activities.

But that is what youngsters from St James’ Catholic Primary School, in Millom, got up to this week, as they learned about the ‘roaming Romans’.

Dressed as a Roman soldier, Charlie Lupton brought his Make Your Own History workshop to the school, to give the year three children a taste of what life was like for the Romans.

As well as building large wooden catapults, the children made Roman roads using traditional materials, looked at Roman armour and had a go at casting medals for their Roman staffs.

Mr Lupton said: “The experience adds authenticity. The children are building these things and learning from it. They can experience history first-hand.

“They tend to remember these days as a high point of the year, because they’re getting a whole day of history.

“The day helps bring history to life, through firing authentic Roman catapults and building authentic Roman roads, among other things, as well as working on a host of other skills.”

Drawing on their Roman-for-a-day experience, the youngsters will be furthering their learning on a school trip to the Roman Vindolanda settlement, in Northumberland, in the spring.

Year three teacher, Lorraine Hodgson, said the workshop helped further the children’s understanding of their Roman studies.

She said: “There’s evidence of Roman settlements in this area, particularly Ravenglass, and it’s quite interesting for the children to see that the Romans lived here a long time ago.

“We’re learning about why the Romans were so successful in battles, and we’re doing it through experiential learning.

“It gives the children first-hand experience of what life would have been like in those times.

“It also gives them new skills and shows teamwork outside of the classroom.

“Now they’ll be able to make the link back to what they’ve learned today.”

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