Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Swimmers dive in to back bid for new pool in town

SWIMMERS claim a new swimming pool forMillom would create a splash in the town.

The Salthouse Road pool was built in 1961 and despite its age is still in regular use.

A ladies swimming class is booming with around 20 regular members, and several children’s classes and family sessions take place around the year.

The pool lacks proper changing rooms and toilets and almost every feature has been unchanged since the facility was built more than 50 years ago.

Lifeguard Janette Yates said increased use of the pool supports the need for a new swimming pool.

She said: “The pool is 51 years old this year. We’re getting more and more ladies coming along to the swimming sessions and it’s showing we need a bigger pool.

“We need to keep momentum up – we need to show people we do still have a swimming pool but we need a new one.

“The water quality is really good, it’s just the surroundings.

“Sometimes there are 20 people turning up to classes – we need a bigger pool.”

Millom and Haverigg Economic Development Group’s plans for a new pool were shelved in 2010 but earlier this year the Millom Swimming Pool Partnership was revived.

Ms Yates said a number of her swimming club members attend the meetings and hopes the group can start making progress.

Lorraine Athersmith regularly uses the pool. She said: “We live on the coast and we need a decent pool for our children and grandchildren to use.

“It’s a matter of safety – we are surrounded by the sea.

“The swimming coaches do everything they can to promote it and to make it used but we do need a new one.”

Swimmer Jean Cairns said: “We want children to be able to learn to swim but it’s time there was a new pool.

“Years ago they set up a committee where people paid £1 per week but it stopped – something like that would help raise money.

“Nice showers, nice changing rooms – that’s what we want.”

Rena Phillipson added: “This hasn’t changed since we were at school.

“The pool needs better access, better showers and toilets.”

For more information on Millom Swimming Pool Partnership phone Paul Stewart on 01229 719650.


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