Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Waiting bans will affect visitors to vets and hall

PARKING could be banned at a busy junction following the introduction of a no waiting zone.

Cumbria County Council plans to introduce no waiting zones at the junction of Mainsgate Road and Devonshire Road in Millom.

Co-ordination Group Publications’ distribution centre is based in Mainsgate Road and HGVs regularly visit the premises.

While access to the distribution centre will improve, the restrictions would affect both the Pensioners’ Hall, known locally as the Tin Chapel, and a branch of Browne and McKinnie veterinary practice. Both are used heavily.

Councillor Brian Crawford, vice-chairman of the Pensioners’ Hall committee, said: “This could cause problems. Mainsgate Road is visited by a lot of big vehicles going to CGP but a lot of vehicles visit the vets and the Pensioners’ Hall.

“Generally it will make things easier for drivers going to CGP.

“But people using both the vets and the hall tend to park as near as possible obviously.

“A lot of people using the hall are older and can’t walk so far.”

Jen Wernham, head of operations at CGP’s Mainsgate Road site, said: “We’ve not had any reported incidents from any of our suppliers visiting the site and we’re not aware of any issues. People do use the Tin Chapel quite a lot and there is increased traffic around the area.”

But a member of staff at the CGP centre, who did not wish to be named, said: “When Weight Watchers or anything is on at the Tin Chapel, they park right on the junction. How there hasn’t been an accident there, when a wagon is coming round the corner, and cars are parked both sides, I really don’t know.”

A Cumbria County Council spokeswoman said: “Following a number of comments about vehicles parking on the corner restrictions are being considered.

“The restricted area would be around two metres in each direction from the junction of Mainsgate Road and Devonshire Road. The proposals are going to the local area committee on May 25 and people will have the chance to object then.”

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