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West Cumbria MP's moustache tweet was a ‘poor joke’’

A COMMENT about a ‘mustachioed ’ woman, made by an MP as he was travelling on a train, has landed him at the centre of a sexism row.

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Copeland MP, Jamie Reed was on the receiving end of some strong rebukes from Twitter users after making a joke about a female passenger’s facial hair on the micro blogging site.

Addressing his near 19,000 followers, the MP said: “On the train down, opposite an incredibly obnoxious and opinionated woman (you people) my withering glances were not enough. Had to do more.

“As she slagged off the train guard I simply looked at her and asked: ‘Are you growing that for Movember?’ Am I right? Yeah? Who’s with me?”

He followed his initial tweets with: “I didn’t actually do that. But trust me, what a horror.”

In response, Mr Reed received several replies from other Twitter users unhappy at his remarks.

Poet of the Deed @planetcath said: “Very tiring hearing people who should know better make personal remarks about a woman’s appearance.

“Helps no one.”

And Emma Burnell @Scarletstand commented: “What a shame you chose to denigrate her appearance when it was her behaviour that was at issue.#stayclassy.”

Eddy39 @Eddy39 said: “What a sexist clown you are #labour #justsaying.’’

But the MP defended his post, saying it was only meant as a joke.

Mr Reed posted: “Just to point out, I really don’t believe that’s sexist in any way shape or form. Don’t see how it can be. Poor joke? Yes. Sexist? No.”

That prompted a conversation with Steve @stevenaturner, who posted: “Firestorm! You do represent people for a living. Delete the tweet and apologise, it wasn’t big or clever. We all make mistakes’’

In response Mr Reed posted: “No point in deleting – but have already taken back. Absolutely no intention to offend.’’

Speaking to the Evening Mail yesterday, Mr Reed said: “It’s the nature of social media that some people will pick fights, criticise, honestly misunderstand and in some cases seek deliberate offence with whatever is written.

“This is another example of par for the course.

“We undoubtedly live in a sexist society and I am working to change that as a Labour MP.

“I always have done, and I always will. I want exactly the same opportunities for my wife, daughter, mother and sisters as any man has – all of my work shows that and it’s knowingly untrue for anyone to suggest otherwise.”

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Grow up Jamie, acting like a kid is demeaning to your office. You really should know better. This is splashed in the Daily Mail for the nation to see how embarrassing Copeland's MP is to his constituents. It is no use apologising afterwards. Once a Tweet or a text is in cyberspace it cannot be withdrawn. Surely a sophisticated Jeddi should be aware of that fact.

Pity Chris Whiteside did not get elected to represent Copeland. You would not catch him behaving so foolishly. Badly done Jamie

Posted by Jane Micklethwaite on 14 November 2012 at 16:56

This is just one of a number of embarrassing Tweets from our Parliamentary representative. A man in his position should know better, than to make such a fool of himself. Tell him to grow up and act according his age rather than his shoe size. The grown up thing to do in such a situation, would be to assertively confront the lady concerned about her unacceptable behaviour towards the tran guard, rather than make personal remarks. Such behaviour is a degradation to his office.

Additionally it makes me all the more regretful that Chris Whiteside was not elected our MP. What a missed opportunity for this area. A sensible, intelligent man with a mountain of integrity. Oh people of Copeland what a missed opportunity to have a quality MP.

Posted by Jane Micklethwaite on 14 November 2012 at 16:31

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